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Jenny Lewis Charms The Santa Cruz Crowd

Posted in Music with tags , , , , on October 25, 2008 by lvigilante

I went to the Jenny Lewis show yesterday in Santa Cruz, thinking it was going to be disappointing for two reasons. One, I was anticipating a bunch of Jenny lookalikes– redheads with bangs, probably wearing overalls or hotpants, topped with a fedora, while singing at the top of their lungs, ruining the experience; and two, I believed that her current album, Acid Tongue, wasn’t up to par with her previous debut, Rabbit Fur Coat. But I was wrong.

If anything, I like the album more now. She gave the new songs that she performed, a more personal meaning, as she stamped them onto my memory in the way a good artist is able to. Her vocals haunted, and her eyes captivated, making everyone feel as if she was singing to them– making a surreal moment true for each person, reminding everyone just how vulnerable they are just as the characters in her lyrics. She was flirtatious, and she was charming; sharing random stories and never letting go of each long look that she would shoot at the men in the front row, as she strummed the guitar or pounded on the piano keys. Jenny Lewis proved that she was definitely more than an LA girl, she has some charm.

Blowing Up And Going Big Like A T Rex

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Holy shit! I actually went to Blow Up. WTF was I doing at the Rickshaw last Friday night?! Douglas Haddow would be disgusted with me. Nevertheless, I have to admit I had a lot of fun. And it’s all thanks to hanging with a certain baddass photographer and witnessing the band, Wallpaper.– the satirical, sonic-singing, glitz-gloating, and excess-storytelling duo of Eric Frederic a.k.a. Ricky Reed and Arjun Singh. Fuck it if it’s hipster shit! There’s no denying that Wallpaper. easily becomes a new obsession. If there’s one song that summarizes the essence of Wallpaper., without a doubt it has to be this one (eyes and ears to the video).


A part of me still wishes I was at the Mezzanine that night for Black Scale’s event.

The Night I Attended Macaframa’s SF Premiere

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Wednesday morning, I woke up wanting the day to fast forward to the night’s event, where I would be hanging out with my cousins and friends while attending the highly-anticipated Macaframa film up in San Francisco. It’s no doubt that this film is a true accomplishment. The latest movie in the fixed-gear scene is arguably the best as it showcases today’s best riders taking their tricks to new levels. This film sets the bar for the art of filming fixed-gear biking, as you’ll see how some frames simply bleed cinematic aesthetics.  Even if you don’t own a bike, this is something worth checking out.

All photos taken by Seed:

Dinner with H.O.C., Davis D, and Seed at Supreme Master Ching Hai’s vegetarian joint before the premiere.

Outside the Victoria Theatre.

The mass of riders waiting for the premiere.

Locking up.

SJFixed making their presence felt.

First Post

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Thank you for visiting this site. For the coming months, get ready to see a menagerie of posts. Some of the stuff, personal; and some of it community-based. Nevertheless, everyone is welcome to it. We are glad that you have chosen to read Logic Vigilante because it will give you a display of the reasons that make all of us who we are.