Kanye West “Samples” Ralph Bakshi

Kanye West is not an artist. Whatever style he presents, whatever “new sound” he introduces, they’re simply not original. Even worse, it’s not personal. Just as mainstream’s streetwear king/ self-dubbed music genius previously sampled the hell out of a bunch of songs for Graduation– a sample-heavy album featuring 10 of 13 songs not being completely his own work, Yeezy’s newest video samples one of the works of my favorite filmmakers/ artists, Ralph Bakshi. See for yourself, the similarities between Kanye’s video for “Heartless,” and scenes from American Pop.









In the words of Mark Vallen on street artist/ Obey Plagiarist, Shepard Fairey, “it displays none of the line, modeling and other idiosyncrasies that reveal an artist’s unique personal style.”

2 Responses to “Kanye West “Samples” Ralph Bakshi”

  1. how retarded are you? he even said he watched american pop with hype williams and was stuck on making this his music video. hype produced it so it is the work of hype. he did the same shit last year with akira.

  2. lvigilante Says:

    no shit sherlock, it was obvious that kanye west and hype williams got together and made out while watching american pop. otherwise there wouldn’t have been a source to “pay homage” to. keywords: ralph bakshi, american pop, rotoscope. things that never originally came from kanye or hype. can you say he’s exercising a technique? sure. but that would be hard to believe since it’s pretty much frame for frame.

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