Caught Up In The Street Fighter Hype

Street Fighter IV has been an addicting game with its simple/ oldschool controls and bad ass graphics… I haven’t been this caught up in a video game since Madden 07. I’m so caught up in the hype of SF 4, I’m searching out stuff related to it.  Take this work of art by Michael Ryan Kime for instance. If they made this into a figure/ statue, I’d dish out the cash for it in no time.

Also, what a way for Capcom to market their shit. Collaborate with the highly regarded streetwear brand, Triumvir, and release something for the fanboys. Jump medium kick, low punch, low kick, flash kick! Fuck the Chun Li the movie. I’m staying in and playing Street Fighter IV.

One Response to “Caught Up In The Street Fighter Hype”

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