Thank God For Samurai Mike

Props to Coach Mike Singletary for restoring honor and pride back to the Bay Area. I know it’s only been a quarter of the season, but Bay Area fans such as myself can’t help but feel the growing excitement Singletary has generating with this team. The 49ers have looked like shit for a long while, but it looks like Singletary is putting an end to all of that. In a league where it has become conventional to be pass-happy, hyper aerial aggressive, and lavish and over-the-top on and off the field, Samurai Mike has returned the 49ers to basics. Less turnovers and punishing defense. The result: no nonsense and victories. Here’s my respect and thanks to Samurai Mike for igniting Bay Area football.

Coach Singletary/ Samurai Mike back in the day...

Coach Singletary/ Samurai Mike back in the day...

Samurai Mike Trivia:

-NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 1985 and 1988.

-SuperBowl XX Champion

-Once gave a rousing and motivational speech that would later inspire the Defense. Ditka has mentioned that while it started out quiet, within minutes, Samurai Mike was screaming at the top of his lungs and the defensive players were throwing chairs and knocking over tables, propelling the team.

-Hall of Famer in 1998.

-Was so good he won endorsements with Lens Crafters.

-Poetic in PSAs.

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