The Best Thing About World Cup 2010 So Far

Larissa Riquelem… Paraguay’s hottest soccer fan.

Fuck soccer.

All physical. No mental execution.

The world loves soccer since the majority of the world is poor and uneducated.

I’d rather watch/ play keep away.

Soccer was invented by European ladies to keep
them busy while their husbands did the cooking. -Hank Hill (Strickland Propane)

2 Responses to “The Best Thing About World Cup 2010 So Far”

  1. You’ve got to be an idiot if you really believe soccer has no mental execution, especially with American football around where the name doesn’t even correctly define the sport (FOOT-BALL and ball played with hands 98% of the time) maybe you should watch closer or pay more attention before making ignorant comments like this.

    • Football. You move the ball and you score with your feet! There are so many fundamentals that start within the foundation– the feet. From route running, to leverage when blocking, the way a foot is planted when throwing the ball, 5-step drops, etc… I doubt there’s ever any of these in soccer: execution of memorization of systems, reading of body language, calculating the exact moment to throw or turn to meet the ball… Please… Soccer is mindless and as back and forth as checkers. Football is more complex like chess. I doubt a soccer playbook gets as complex as a football playbook.

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