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Crystal Castles

Posted in "Art", Music on October 13, 2010 by lvigilante

Glitch punk + Profound/ Esoteric Lyrics = Crystal Castles

Hold my head under water
Take a breath for the Father
Learn to love. Lessons repeating
The Chronicles are so misleading

This is your baptism
And you can’t forgive them
This is your baptism
And you can’t forgive them


Buy This DVD Box Set

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Old Friends

I’m Buying Another Copy Of Madden NFL ’10 Just So I Can Pick Up This Version…

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Rest In Peace to the King of Pop

Posted in "Art" with tags , , , , on June 27, 2009 by lvigilante

Even if you’re a fucking douchebag and couldn’t comprehend the once awesomeness of Michael Jackson,  all the shock, all the nonstop RIP shoutouts, all the nostalgic talks mean one thing: the King of Pop matterS. His works, his videos, his music, his steez, and his moments will forever transcend what they once were, and forever become a part of our lives– whether you like it or not.

Richard Dorment said it best, “Whether you’re talking about the first time you saw the “Thriller” video or the first time you tried to moonwalk, you’re not really talking about Michael Jackson. You’re talking about yourself. The art is just a marker, allowing each of us to find our way back to some earlier, happier, more carefree version of ourselves.”

Suggestive Advertising

Posted in "Art" with tags , , on June 23, 2009 by lvigilante

Still not feelin’ BK.

Effective Advertising?

Posted in "Art" with tags , , , , , on May 4, 2009 by lvigilante

I recently encountered one of’s video ads after signing out of MySpace, and I thought to myself, just how effective is this kind of advertising. Not only was it corny and weird, as some actress “flirts” with the viewer, it was still memorable since there was a pretty attractive face that most men can stare at. The ad wasn’t compelling or even the slightest bit clever. Sex didn’t sell me on this, considering didn’t get my money.  But they did however sell me on remembering their brand. It was through a narrative, their story of you supposedly convincing her to reveal a part of herself.




“You feeling something. That’s what sells. Not them. Not sex.” -Don Draper

Schultz City

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Screw the Spirit DVD, click the pic to read the two-page Sin City meets Charlie Brown comic…


Conformity: Youth’s Enemy

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The Last Good Thing That Came Out Of MTV

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Back in the middle to late 90’s, MTV had a weird lineup of animated shows that were narratively off the wall, and artistically awesome. From the weird shit that came out of Liquid Television, to MTV’s Oddities (The Head and Image’s The Maxx)…  But none stuck out the most such as Downtown.

Downtown was a show that had a very distinctive look.  It was as if a graffitti artist was paid to create his own animated show.  If you’re a fan of urban art and funny stories, then you might want to check this show out.  Not since this show, I haven’t seen anything this cool on TV.  I’m definitely glad I recently found the animators’ blogs.

To buy the complete series of this show, check out these links.

George K’s Blog

Chris P’s Blog

Caught Up In The Street Fighter Hype

Posted in "Art" with tags , , , , , , , on February 24, 2009 by lvigilante

Street Fighter IV has been an addicting game with its simple/ oldschool controls and bad ass graphics… I haven’t been this caught up in a video game since Madden 07. I’m so caught up in the hype of SF 4, I’m searching out stuff related to it.  Take this work of art by Michael Ryan Kime for instance. If they made this into a figure/ statue, I’d dish out the cash for it in no time.

Also, what a way for Capcom to market their shit. Collaborate with the highly regarded streetwear brand, Triumvir, and release something for the fanboys. Jump medium kick, low punch, low kick, flash kick! Fuck the Chun Li the movie. I’m staying in and playing Street Fighter IV.