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Conformity: Youth’s Enemy

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The Last Good Thing That Came Out Of MTV

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Back in the middle to late 90’s, MTV had a weird lineup of animated shows that were narratively off the wall, and artistically awesome. From the weird shit that came out of Liquid Television, to MTV’s Oddities (The Head and Image’s The Maxx)…  But none stuck out the most such as Downtown.

Downtown was a show that had a very distinctive look.  It was as if a graffitti artist was paid to create his own animated show.  If you’re a fan of urban art and funny stories, then you might want to check this show out.  Not since this show, I haven’t seen anything this cool on TV.  I’m definitely glad I recently found the animators’ blogs.

To buy the complete series of this show, check out these links.

George K’s Blog

Chris P’s Blog

Caught Up In The Street Fighter Hype

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Street Fighter IV has been an addicting game with its simple/ oldschool controls and bad ass graphics… I haven’t been this caught up in a video game since Madden 07. I’m so caught up in the hype of SF 4, I’m searching out stuff related to it.  Take this work of art by Michael Ryan Kime for instance. If they made this into a figure/ statue, I’d dish out the cash for it in no time.

Also, what a way for Capcom to market their shit. Collaborate with the highly regarded streetwear brand, Triumvir, and release something for the fanboys. Jump medium kick, low punch, low kick, flash kick! Fuck the Chun Li the movie. I’m staying in and playing Street Fighter IV.

Thanks To The Work Of Plagiarist, Shepard Fairey For Today…

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for that plagiarized image of Obama has contributed to influencing “young America” to register and vote for the change to come…

Back in 2007, I started noticing a certain set of bold and bright iconic images everywhere, from  stickers and posters on the walls, to the shirts that young “skaters” rocked and bought at the malls. I later learned that these images, stamped with the word, “Obey,” all came from one guy: Shepard Fairey. Since then, the artist has made quite a name for himself. From his Andre the Giant campaign on the streets, to his most recent “Obama Hope” poster…

However, I can’t exactly respect the “artist,” seeing as that he is more like a plagiarist. I only hope that Mark Vallen’s article finds a way to catch on just like Fairey’s works. Thay way, people aren’t blindly giving him credit for his “works of art.”

The majority of the pics below highlighting the original work and Fairey’s plagiarized version were all provided by Vallen and the rest of the folks at “Art for a Change.” And the most recent, from Reuteurs. Note the original image and then Fairey’s version.

Shepard Fairey Obama Plagiarism