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Regarding Arizona Bill 1070…

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Republican (surprisingly) Connie Mack said it best.

“This law of ‘frontier of justice’– where law enforcement officials are required to stop anyone based on ‘reasonable suspicion’ that they may be in the country illegally – is reminiscent of a time during World War II when the Gestapo in Germany stopped people on the street and asked for their papers without probable cause.”

Do They Look Illegal To you?

Two Niggers/ Niggas*

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R.I.P Tian Sheng Yu

Yu died Tuesday, four days after he was knocked to the ground on Telegraph Avenue when he confronted two young men who had sucker-punched his son moments earlier. READ more.



R.I.P. Guru

Driving Drunk and Running People Over vs. Killing Dogs

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Apparently, getting faded and plowing through a 59 year-old man isn’t as bad as killing dogs. Donte Stallworth, the Cleveland Browns receiver will be serving a 30-day jail sentence for doing just that.

Conformity: Youth’s Enemy

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Dallas Police Officer Robert Powell Is A Fucking Douchebag

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Remember this face, everyone.  This is the face of someone that sucks.

Remember this face, everyone. This is the face of someone that sucks.

Someone that keeps a man from seeing his mother-in-law before her final seconds, has to be a giant douchebag.  Recently a douchebag like this made the headlines. A dashboard video surveillance recently got released to the public where Robert Powell pulled Texan HB, Ryan Moats over for speeding.  And when the NFL player tried to explain how his mother-in-law was dying, Powell decided to be a fucking cunt muscle.  Instead of being a decent human being, Powell’s pussy decided to do the thinking for him when he said things like “I can screw you over,” or “All right. I’m almost done,” when he was informed that Moats’ mother-in-law was actually dying.  Fuck this guy.  It’s assholes like this guy that immortalize the song, “Fuck the Police.”

Comedy Central PWNs the Corporate Big Guns

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What a week of major pwnage!  All from Comedy Central too… First off, the satire geniuses of South Park put Disney and their leading douchebag products (the Jonas Bros) on blast; bringing into light how unethical Disney is when it comes to marketing, and for reminding everyone just how fucking naive Christians can be.  Props to the way they portrayed Mickey as the evil capitalist.

Second, congratulations to Jon Stewart for conducting one of the best and most unforgiving confrontations/ interviews ever put on TV.  This was probably one of the most enlightening things pertaining to the crash of 2008.

As for all the pretentious pricks that claim to not watch TV, go fuck yourself.  Drown yourself in all the obscure nonsense that keeps you from being decent.

Rush Limbaugh Is Not The Voice of GOP

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Why couldn’t have Ron Paul replace John McCain in the elections?  It’s too bad.  Perhaps it’s because of his background as a Libertarian…  Everyone knows what the far right is like when it comes to responsibility and tolerance.  Nevertheless, death to the fat-fuck, Rush Limbaugh and his constitution-misquoting ways.  We hope that you choke, Rush.  Preferably on one of your painkillers.