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Ultimately, Fuck Michael Vick and PETA

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Peta PResident Ingrid E. Newkirk

Who’s really worse, Michael Vick or PETA? I’d say none. They’re both just as bad. Pictured above is Michael Vick, the notorious pitbull-killer, and next to him is PETA President, Ingrid E. Kirkman. Both pictures are supposed to suggest compassion, and animal-lover. But that’s not the case. Each carry a fascade of kindsness, and deep down, each picture conceals the party’s selfishness and disregard for an animal’s life.

Although it’s easy to say that Vick is some scumbag who deserves to be eaten alive, Kirkman and PETA are no different. Both parties are just as sick in the head and just as lacking in compassion for animals. Vick is the stupid monster that committed such atrocious crimes with a fucked up worldview (a view that dogfighting wasn’t a big deal), and PETA is the stupid monster-machine that wanted Vick’s dogs killed, and now who is urging that Michael Vick “is made sure that he is mentally capable of remorse.”

I’m not defending Vick here. I’m equally distributing the heat. Fuck you PETA! Have you lost your minds? You want Vick to be mentally evaluated, to see if he really is remorseful? Have you forgotten what separates us from the animals? Compassion. We see our young in danger, we risk our lives to save them. Meanwhle, an animal such as a bird flies away if they’re attacked in their nest, leaving her eggs, know she can reproduces again another time. A man has lost everything. Is it really that hard to comprehend that he wouldn’t be remorseful?

Vick has even agreed to go through the humiliation of doing a PSA with you. Somewhere down the road, the public has to stop regurgitating how horrible Michael Vick was, and PETA needs to educate and bring awareness to the public on how wrong the actions were.

Hey PETA, instead of re-crucifying Vick over and over, why not bring into light how and why people could/ should stop dogfighting. You really need to reconsider your actions or else you’ll continue to be taken as seriously as an environmentally-conscious owner of a hybrid and an SUV. As for Michael Vick, you WERE stupid. And if there are people like Pacman Jones and Ray Lewis and Matt Jones still playing, I SUPPOSE you deserve a second chance. Those players got a second chance, and so did your dogs. But please show us that you’ve LEARNED, and that you aren’t STUPID.

I’m not sure if it was just “Our Pack,” but props to the organization(s) for being more ethical in the treatment of the pitbulls. To see what happened to Michael Vick’s dogs– the same dogs that PETA didn’t think were worth saving, read this in-depth article, by Jim Gorant.

Thanks To The Work Of Plagiarist, Shepard Fairey For Today…

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for that plagiarized image of Obama has contributed to influencing “young America” to register and vote for the change to come…

Back in 2007, I started noticing a certain set of bold and bright iconic images everywhere, fromĀ  stickers and posters on the walls, to the shirts that young “skaters” rocked and bought at the malls. I later learned that these images, stamped with the word, “Obey,” all came from one guy: Shepard Fairey. Since then, the artist has made quite a name for himself. From his Andre the Giant campaign on the streets, to his most recent “Obama Hope” poster…

However, I can’t exactly respect the “artist,” seeing as that he is more like a plagiarist. I only hope that Mark Vallen’s article finds a way to catch on just like Fairey’s works. Thay way, people aren’t blindly giving him credit for his “works of art.”

The majority of the pics below highlighting the original work and Fairey’s plagiarized version were all provided by Vallen and the rest of the folks at “Art for a Change.” And the most recent, from Reuteurs. Note the original image and then Fairey’s version.

Shepard Fairey Obama Plagiarism

The Three Faces of Fail

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The three faces of fail: Richard Wagoner of GM, Robert Nardelli of Chrysler, and Alan Mulally of Ford. What a way for the Big Three to fly into Washington in their highroller jets and ask for $25 billion taxpayer bailout money.

Nation Finally Shitty Enough To Make Social Progress

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Gotta love the headline…

And Jesse Jackson is still a bitch…

“Political” Post: A Short Tribute To Keith Olbermann

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With the election around the corner, I can’t help but revisit some clips on politics. After viewing numerous videos, I couldn’t help but notice how many Keith Olbermann clips I was bookmarking. Here’s a short tribute to Keith tearin’ fool ups. Props and respect to the guy for being able to logically own idiots in an entertaining manner.

5. Keith rips Fox’s racism.

4. Keith rips the gruesome twosome, Michelle Malkin and Bill O’Reilly.

3. Keith rips the douchebag plumber, Joe Wurzelbacher.

2. Keith rips McCain and Palin’s racist rallies.

1. Keith makes a eunuch out of Bill O’Reilly.