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The Night I Attended Macaframa’s SF Premiere

Posted in Subculture with tags , , on October 9, 2008 by lvigilante

Wednesday morning, I woke up wanting the day to fast forward to the night’s event, where I would be hanging out with my cousins and friends while attending the highly-anticipated Macaframa film up in San Francisco. It’s no doubt that this film is a true accomplishment. The latest movie in the fixed-gear scene is arguably the best as it showcases today’s best riders taking their tricks to new levels. This film sets the bar for the art of filming fixed-gear biking, as you’ll see how some frames simply bleed cinematic aesthetics.  Even if you don’t own a bike, this is something worth checking out.

All photos taken by Seed:

Dinner with H.O.C., Davis D, and Seed at Supreme Master Ching Hai’s vegetarian joint before the premiere.

Outside the Victoria Theatre.

The mass of riders waiting for the premiere.

Locking up.

SJFixed making their presence felt.