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Cosplay Nation

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Who Is This Cosplayin' Beezy?

Who Is This Cosplayin' Beezy?

Some time last week, me, Davis D., and my LV cuzos Joe and Sas biked through downtown SJ on a beautiful day. The weather was nearly perfect, we had the right amount of company rollin’ through (with no bitter bellyachin’ bitches and no awkward-ass, sky-photo-takin’ eunuchs around), and hardly any d-bags encountered. But I must say, what made the day were all the cosplayers chillin’ and lurkin’ around downtown.

Fanime was taking place, and there were literally many characters that can be seen. If you haven’t hearrrd, Fanime is the convention put on for the fans, by the fans. It’s a sick place to check out them cosplayin’ beezies while buyin’ your anime dvds. Check out the pics below. It’s always fun/ funny to see a group this enthusiastic.







HOC x Deadpool SUmmer '09

HOC x Deadpool SUmmer '09

Sampling in Streetwear

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After chatting it up with Joe from House of Commons about Friday Night Lights, riding, and the general state of streetwear, he told me about Rogue Status’/ DTA’s recent shit-talking post on the Hundreds— one of the Godfathers of LA streetwear.  The post was pretty simple: a manipulated image of an ad for the Hundreds’ collaboration with Forum Snowboards; detailing how they’re a joke.Rogue Status/ DTA calls out The Hundreds

But I’m not sure if Rogue Status has the right to be calling someone out for being unoriginal. I mean, it’s true that the Hundreds have had unoriginal/ “sampled designs” like their Rose/ Cool World tee or their Little Miss Tens / Little Miss Sunshine tee, however, like rap/ hip-hop, we have witnessed streetwear borrow something that already exists– in this case an existing image.  Crooks and Castles has done it with their Mexican flag shirt, Dissizit! did it with their Bad Brains hoodie, and the most recent brand Rogue Status collaborated with– Blvck Scvle, was even unoriginal with their Amadeus piece. So it ultimately doesn’t seem right for Rogue Status/ DTA to criticize the Hundreds for copying something that already exists and making it their own, when they are working with Blvk Scvle, who has done the same thing.

The method of sampling previous works has been a common thing in the industry, from taking images of celebrities, to borrowing existent pictures and symbols (especially from the occult and nautical themes).  Sure all in all we would like more originality, but I suppose that’s the easily leadable consumer’s fault for easily buying unoriginal works.  Working with an original picture has been common practice in the streetwear industry.  Take for instance the rising brand, Halloway. This new brand’s collection has been getting some rave reviews in the Hypebeast Forums. And among their pieces, an image of Angelina Jolie from a Rolling Stone shoot is used in one of their designs.  Conclusion: the deliberate act of taking a previous image and manipulating it is a common method in streetwear. Yet, appreciation for the work and arguing its originality are all subjective.

Blindfold Society

Blindfold Society