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The Last Good Thing That Came Out Of MTV

Posted in "Art" with tags , , , , , , , , , on March 21, 2009 by lvigilante

Back in the middle to late 90’s, MTV had a weird lineup of animated shows that were narratively off the wall, and artistically awesome. From the weird shit that came out of Liquid Television, to MTV’s Oddities (The Head and Image’s The Maxx)…  But none stuck out the most such as Downtown.

Downtown was a show that had a very distinctive look.  It was as if a graffitti artist was paid to create his own animated show.  If you’re a fan of urban art and funny stories, then you might want to check this show out.  Not since this show, I haven’t seen anything this cool on TV.  I’m definitely glad I recently found the animators’ blogs.

To buy the complete series of this show, check out these links.

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